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HydroExchange Luminaires are cleverly designed to deliver far above average PAR photons per square foot (30x30cm) of nominal coverage area.

The use of high efficiency LED diodes ensures that the conversion of your Rands into photons is maximised and not wasted as heat. True Efficacies are maintained at >2.5umol/J.

Available in 1, 4, 9, 16 square feet coverage areas and orders of magnitude thereof. Custom designs are available on request (e.g., odd sized cultivation areas and larger/smaller PAR photon requirements). We regularly upgrade/ modify existing LED luminaires and systems to provide a better solution to your specific needs.

Built in and optional features include: dimming (Wi-Fi or manual), daisy chains and Wi-Fi automation (e.g. on/off, scheduled dimming programs).

Plant Cultivation Systems

Our Plant Cultivation Systems on offer are specially designed to exceed expectations of: maximum yield at minimum cost, space saving and complexity/simplicity factors. They are neat, organised and highly effective. These systems also integrate seamlessly with our lighting solutions. 

Both Commercial and Residential considerations often include space, budget, perpetual or stage setups, cost saving planning and yield maximisation.

Our Plant Cultivation Systems are specifically:

  • Aeroponics
  • DWC (R-)
  • Drip irrigation
  • Clone stations 


Our Projects are custom designed around both residential and commercial setups.

In particular, our Linear Series of fittings are extremely versatile and come in lengths of up to 3m for a single strip, are available in a range of colours, fill any space effectively and have a choice of spectra. 

These could be simple modifications/customisations or full turnkey solutions.

Considerations normally include space, HVAC, infrastructure, cultivation system, environmental condition optimisation, budget, training and lighting.