HE – Custom Linear


A linear commercial-purpose light, available in 1000K to 5000K CCT (customisable). Suitable for home use. Also available in a single linear version and can be manufactured up to 2.7 m in length for each strip (in 610 mm increments) allowing for an infinite number of configurations.

Pictured: 720 W, 1.2 x 1.8 m, 4000K LM301b and Red (660nm) & Blue (460 nm)

Also available:

  • Power and Temperature/Humidity Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi dimming control (incl. timer scheduling and tuneable dimming)
  • Wi-Fi on/off scheduling
  • Daisy chain dimming and main power
  • Independant spectrum control
  • Grow system integrations.

Available on backorder



  • Ideal Coverage: All (application specific)
  • Power Consumed: Customisable
  • Colour: 1000K to 5000K
  • CRI: 25 to 80
  • Diodes: Samsung LM301B, LM301H Evo & LM351H, Red and Blue (customisable)
  • Voltage: 100 to 305 V
  • Lifespan: >50000 (or 7.69yrs @ 18hrs/day)
  • Dimensions: As required
  • Warranty: 3 yrs
  • Hanging: Built in lifting hooks, hanging options customisable.