Our Luminaires are cleverly designed to deliver even and high intensity light to the nominal coverage area with super high efficiency and efficacy. A norm of 50 to 60W or more per square foot (30x30cm) of nominal coverage area if calculated, however, the “Watt” metric is dated and indicative at best for LED lighting, yet everyone wants this figure, so there it is and it’s not going away anytime soon. We suggest not using wattage to determine the intensity or light output of an LED light fixture. Watts are a measure of electricity consumption. PPF and PPFD are the metrics that are important.

We are able to produce a vast amount of PAR photons with a comparatively small amount of power input.

Efficiency in % of Electricity converted to Light (specifically in the PAR range) and Efficacy in umol/J are key metrics in understanding the quality of LED light fixtures and this is where our Luminaires perform exceptionally well. The use of high efficiency LED diodes ensures that the conversion of your Rands into PAR photons is maximised and not wasted as heat. Efficacies are maintained at >2.5umol/J.

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We have a wide range of Luminaires available to cover all cultivation requirements.

Standard sizes, in 1, 4, 9, 16 square feet coverage areas to cover normal tented spaces, linear designs especially suited to commercial applications, clone cultivation solutions and auxiliary lighting for specialised targets.

Our light fittings are available in various configurations, spectrums (fixed and variable), CCT values and intensities. 

We use top-end horticultural LED diodes in our fixtures  and are The pièce de résistance of Horticultural Illumination. 

Custom designs are available on request (e.g., odd sized cultivation areas and larger/smaller PAR photon requirements). We regularly upgrade/modify existing LED luminaires and systems to provide a better solution to your specific needs.




100 Series

PowerGuard – ESP 

400 Series

Linear Series

900 Series

Linear Custom

1600 Series


Clone Series


We currently have several core/fundamental strip series to choose from. These are manufactured in standard sizes and suitable for Residential and Commercial Cultivations, fitting normal tent sizes and standard Commercial Mega-arrangements. The latter configurations are fully customisable in terms of spacial arrangement, intensity and spectra control. 

Basic Spectrum Enhancements:

On to our specialised units, as our research progresses, so does our range of the auxiliary Luminaires. This, combined with industry experts who have proven scientific results, is channelled into our solutions. Some of these units are attached and others integrated into the core Luminaires and form a seamless part of the fixture. 

On the one hand, our Fundamental high efficiency high efficacy units are normally 3000 or 3500K in colour, providing enough Blue, Red and Green to produce reliable and consistent spectra, to produce Top Shelf results, time after time. On the other, our Advanced fixtures provide intermediate and expert cultivators with a measurable edge. 

To boot, add extra Blue (460 nm) and Red (660 nm) that are controlled together, independently from the core unit. Great for complete cycle growing and the large benefit that these additions can bring are measurable. Opt for independently controlled far-red (730 nm) to this mix and you’ll have full control over the Emerson effect (the synergy of deep and far Red making 1+1=3 ie. the benefit of both in conjunction are greater than the sum of each). The fixture has enough Blue to counter stretching through the appropriate use of the Reds. Increasing the Blue:Green (B:G) ratio shortens internodes, stems and leaf petioles. High Far-Red is not recomended for use in the vegatative stage of growth unless its effect is specifically desired, such as leaf expantion. This ability also enables longer photoperiods and shorter flowering cycles in flowering crops, cultivar specific.

Advanced Spectrum Enhancements:

Moving on to an Advanced Enhancement, we currently have 2 solutions, one in the lower region of the plant viable Electromagnetic Spectrum (Blue side) and one in the upper (Red side), designed to work together or independently. As mentioned, our Core units will provide excellent coverage, spectrum and intensity to produce superb crops. The basic addition of Red and Blue mentioned above will certainly move you to the next level and the science is solid and proven on many occasions.

Our advanced units are for academia, research, experienced horticulturists and advanced cultivators. They too integrate into our core units and form part of the fixture. These are currently at the cutting edge of research and some of the data is anecdotal, and are at the forefront of our own research as well. Serious caution needs to be exercised in the use of these units as misuse can result in losses rather than gains. 

One also needs to take into account that benefits in terms of yield, biomass, oil production and desirable traits vary between genus, species, sub-species, cultivar (strain). 

Listed as below, our AE fixtures. Every wavelength listed is independently controlled, including intensity where practical and possible. 

AE-BLUE” unit

285 nm, targeting the ultraviolet-B receptor UVR8 (a UV-B sensing protien) in plants. The theory is that this initiates a stress response in the plant, creating desirable oils at a possible sacrifice of yield. We are very careful in only adding a small amount of radiant flux in this region and advise very limited use in a specific grow stage. Use with caution and always wear appropriate eye protection. Best practice is to turn this off when working under the lights and we make it easy to do this.

365 nm, targeting various photoreceptors in the plant that absorb light in the UV-A region (cryptochrome, phytochrome, phototropin and zeitlopes). The aim is to again, albeit gentler than UV-B stress the plant in producing more seconadry metabolites or defence mechanisms. 

405 & 455 nm, targeting photoreceptors B-carotene, chlorophyll and  zeaxanthin. Increasing the B:G ratio helps to keep internodes and stems shorter, counteracting stretching noticed with Red/far-Red photons. A low B:G ratio can cause stomatal closure, slightly increasing leaf temperature. Chrytochrome (CRY2, a blue light receptor) activity also decreases when the B:G ratio is low. 

AE-RED” unit

660 nm, targeting chlorophyll and this is the most efficient photosynthetic wavelength. 

730 nm, targeting phytochrome. Used to facilatate the synergistic Emerson effect in the flowering stage. 

Please contact us for details on our modular extended fixtures that are custom designed around Large Commercial Cultivations. These are available in any size, and a multitude of colours and spectrum choices.

Optional features can be built into the luminaire:


  • Temperature Display and Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi dimming control (incl. timer scheduling)
  • Wi-Fi on/off scheduling
  • Daisy chain dimming and main power



These are our core Luminaires. They are designed to fit standard size tents and are so designated i.e. the first number of the series denotes recommended coverage sizes in ft². Commercial growers will find these handy but often opt for customised sizes and spectra, that we can provide and please mail us to enquire.



These are our Advanvced Enhancment Luminaires. They are designed to enrich your spectra and give you more control over desirable traits that you may wish to express in your plants. These units are designed to intergrate into our Core series of fixtures but can be used independantly. Please use with caution. 

Basic Units

BLUE (460 nm) & RED (660 nm)

Used throughout your grow cycle. Measurable results. More than enough blue to counter any possible fears of stretching.


BLUE (460 nm) & RED (660 nm) plus Far-RED (730 nm)

Blue and Red used throughout your grow cycle with independantly controled far-red as required. Measurable results. More than enough blue to counter excesive stretching.

Advanced Units

AE – BLUE  UV – A&B and BLUE light. Excellent results in the vegetative and end stages of growth. Use with the utmost of caution with personal and plant safety always in mind.  
AE – RED RED and Far-RED spectra. Superior results in vegetative and flowering stages. Careful control of the wavelengths at various growth cycles is critical.