In introducing ourselves, we also aim to clarify some fundamental, underlying questions a few may have. Not really meant as a disclaimer but more of an “about us” topic. We promote forbearance, tolerance, variety, progressiveness, constructive criticism, respect and humility.

Our primary focus is the manufacture of Horticultural LED Luminaires and Hydroponic Cultivation Systems. We will however aim to also provide auxiliary equipment, synergistic with these operations.

We encourage healthy debate, comments and suggestions. Be lekker.

We aggregate a lot of information, relevant to a particular discussion topic and never claim it as our own (unless it is of course). We try and give citations where necessary and required. We gather a vast amount of knowledge from the legend Dr. Bruce Bugbee. We seem to watch his lectures over and over as they are that interesting, whether to refresh or pick up nuances that we may have missed. We are never the first to think of or do anything, we just try and adapt to improve thereon, add to current knowhow or to modify according to requirements. As our in-house designs are novel, the underlying fundamentals have been known for eons. We get it wrong on occasion, let us know when we do.


Our Cultivation Systems

When we mention a system, cultivation parameter, nutrients, environmental conditions, root zone conditions, additives and a multitude of other related words and references, we are always referring to Hydroponics (unless otherwise stated). Although certain environmental conditions, etc. are synonymous with all cultivation, we refer to Hydroponics alone. Further our expertise mainly lie in DWC(R), Aeroponics and drip systems.

We use Hydroponics because:

  • We enjoy cultivating this way and we’re good at it.
  • We have very limited experience in organic and soil cultivations.
  • It works for us and we get satisfying results, consistently … albeit good or bad, we are constantly learning.
  • Hydroponics is not the best cultivation method, neither is soil/organic … best is what’s best for you.
  • We do not engage in the comparison of various other techniques because we are simply not knowledgeable enough to do so.


Our Luminaires

We only manufacture and discuss LED. Unfortunately our expertise ends there.


Lekker Growing Bud