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Interesting, valuable, reliable and sometimes critcal information. Light reading and sound simple advice, all the way to highly technical topics.


In introducing ourselves, we also aim to clarify some fundamental, underlying questions a few may have. Not really meant as a disclaimer but more of an "about us" topic. We promote forbearance, tolerance, variety, progressiveness, constructive criticism, respect and...

The Basics

We only cover Hydroponics and LED cultivation although some fundamentals are synonymous throughout. Also, please feel free to comment. We feel that before one decides to "go-pro" with either light spectrum and the tuning thereof or going advanced with a cultivation...

9 Cardinal Parameters

The 9 Cardinal Parameters to optimise.

Optimise the other 8 to the fullest and you’ll be able to supply the plant with a maximum amount of LIGHT and in turn, optimise yeilds and growth.