Clone Station

If preserving genetic lineage is a priority, this clone station is a must. Available in 1, 2 or 3 levels and is automated for highly convenient operation.

Also available as a Clone Factory. Fitting into a 2 x 4 (120 x 60 cm) tented area and matted with our Automated Drip System and 100-Series luminaires, easily turn your Clone Station into an all-in-one clone producing machine.

Our Cultivation Systems are Neat, Organised and Highly Effective. This station has independent, 3 level automation of lights and heating, making this system extremely user friendly and efficient.


This system is paired with your choice of lighting solutions in various colours (warm to cool).

Turning your standalone Clone Station into a CLONE FACTORY suprisingly simple. We have designed seamless intergragion of 3 sepatate units into 1 flowing machine. Drip Cultivation, Mother plant lighting and the Clone Station.

The 50 or 100 W light fitting keeps your mother plant healthy whilst you clone at your leasure. If you so wish, replace the mother plant with one of the clones and flower her elsewhere or directly in-situ.


Our standard size system fits a 0.6 m x 1.2 m space and could be perfectly matted to fit any area, tented or otherwise.

Use the Clone station in your office lounge for orinmentals and/or display. Choose a warm yellow coloured light (cooler 3000K) for a cosy ambiance or a bright white (4000K) for displays.