Our Luminaires are cleverly designed to deliver even and high intensity light to the nominal coverage area with super high efficiency and efficacy.


Our 1600-Series light fittings cover 16 sqf (120 x 120 cm) and are normally in the range of 1080 W.

Custom designs are available on request (e.g., odd sized cultivation areas and larger/smaller PAR photon requirements). We regularly upgrade/modify existing LED luminaires and systems to provide a better solution to your specific needs.

Check our Linear Range for true Commercial Solutions, using the most Efficient and Effective diodes currently on the market. 


1600 – Series

Our 1600 series of Luminaires fit into a 4 x 4 (120 x 120 cm) space, just. A juggernaut light running at  1080W on full tilt. Super high efficient diodes power this beast.


These are our core Luminaires. They are designed to fit standard size tents and are so designated i.e. the first number of the series denotes recommended coverage sizes in ft². Commercial growers will find these handy but often opt for customised sizes and spectra, that we can provide and please mail us to enquire.