Our Luminaires are cleverly designed to deliver even and high intensity light to the nominal coverage area with super high efficiency and efficacy.

Our 100-Series light fittings  empirically cover 1 sqf (30 x 30 cm) but are perfectly suited to maintain optimal health in a mother plant and/or economically flower a single plant. They are avaiable in 45 and 90 W.

Custom designs are available on request (e.g., odd sized cultivation areas and larger/smaller PAR photon requirements). We regularly upgrade/modify existing LED luminaires and systems to provide a better solution to your specific needs.

Check our Linear Range for true Commercial Solutions, using the most Efficient and Effective diodes currently on the market.


100 – Series

Our 100 series of Luminaires fit into a 1 x 1 (30 x 30 cm) space. Discrete and modular, these “pocket rockets” pack quite a punch.


These are our core Luminaires. They are designed to fit standard size tents and are so designated i.e. the first number of the series denotes recommended coverage sizes in ft². Commercial growers will find these handy but often opt for customised sizes and spectra, that we can provide and please mail us to enquire.