About us

HydroExchange designs, manufactures, and installs Horticultural Luminaires (specifically LED lighting fixtures) and Hydroponic Cultivation Systems.



Our Lighting Systems are efficient and maintain a high degree of efficacy by using the best diodes and LED strips available.

Our Cultivation Systems and neat, organised and highly effective. They integrate seamlessly with our lighting solutions.

 We offer full turnkey “Operational” Project Solutions that can be manual, semi-automated or fully automated.

Manufactured and designed for residential and commercial applications that include upgrades to or finishing part-complete cultivation systems and luminaires.

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Our Principles


We provide first-class products and services. Our focus is on Hydroponics and all of our Lumiaires (both Standard sized and Commercial Mega-Systems) and Cultivation Systems are constantly undergoing Research and Development studies to Maximise Efficiency, Efficacy, Plant Morphology and Yield.

The 4 core values or cornerstones that we build all of our valuable client relationships on, are: